NGO helps educate public about climate change

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Beijing Climate Change Management Affairs Center (BCCMAC) and Fengtai District Ecological Environment Bureau jointly held public activities for National Low-carbon Day on July 12, offering local residents courses on climate change and lowering carbon footprints.

Tian Tianqi, a volunteer teacher from BCCMAC, explained the development history of global environmental protection, as well as the necessity of lowering carbon footprints.

Through ecofriendly lifestyle changes such as eating a green diet, wearing ecofriendly clothing, using green transportation, switching to energy saving home appliances, and living in greener buildings, she gave residents a deeper understanding of living a low-carbon lifestyle.

In the exchange session following the training session, Tian suggested tips for saving water and electricity to those present, in response to their questions about how to live lower-carbon lives.

After the event, a participant in the training session expressed his determination. He said: “Low-carbon life is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. In the future, I will personally practice a green lifestyle.”

The event not only helped to educate people about climate change, but also helped to improve their ability to fulfill their civic environmental protection responsibilities and contribute to the improvement of the local environment.

Next, the center plans to continue to work with the district government to organize similar activities in different communities, in order to ensure every resident understands the importance of environmental protection.