New program helps migrant women adjust to city life

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  • New program helps migrant women adjust to city life

In the context of rapid urban and rural migration, and based on concern for the people migrating — especially women, the China Population Welfare Foundation and China Merchants Foundation (CMF) recently released the “Women Far from Hometown” support program.

The program will fund front-line social organizations to work in the community, take part in capacity building, and research and advocate for migrant women. Applications are currently open for community action projects.

Selected projects are expected to be rooted in typical migrant communities, targeting migrant women, especially migrant mothers, and pay attention to the issues migrants face in terms of child care and education, social support, employment and poverty reduction, physical and mental health, participation in society, and accessing other public services.

In addition to the community practices, the projects are also encouraged to actively explore multi-departmental cooperation action models and innovative solutions, including government participation, so as to strive for more space for the development of migrant women.

Through the program, the foundations hope to link resources and opportunities, build support networks, and enhance capabilities for the target group. They also want to explore effective solutions to help the women integrate into cities more fully, promote a more equalized public service system, and achieve better development of migrants as well as families.

The new program also pays attention to research and advocacy, for example, by cooperating with research networks such as “Mobile China” to expand its horizons to the benign division of labor between the government, the market, and other social sectors.