New cooperation to help children with Amblyopia

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The Shanghai Bright Moon Glasses Company and the Children’s foundation of China signed a new strategic cooperation agreement on public welfare in Beijing on June 6th, marking China’s twenty first Eye-care Day. Zhu Xisheng, the Secretary General of the Children’s Foundation of China and Xie Gongwan, chairman of the board of the Bright Moon Glasses CO., LTD, were both present. The cooperation between these two organizations is aimed at integrating optometric technical expertise all over China in order to provide convenient and localized services for children with eye diseases, including educational, examination, therapy and rehabilitation services.

Zhu Xisheng explained the intent of their cooperation in detail. He said that the Children’s Foundation of China has always carried out welfare activities for children. In 2002, the foundation established the “Special Fund for Children with Amblyopia”. Over the last decade, over 4000 children from poor families with amblyopia have received their help. However problems still exist for the 12 million children who suffer from amblyopia (a sight disorder also known as “lazy eye”), since the special fund is insufficient in terms of publicity and coverage, and ineffective in selecting children and treating them timely. A new operational model needs to be introduced in order to aid more children.

As a renowned amblyopia company in China, the Shanghai Bright Moon Glasses CO., LTD has always supported public welfare, and has been cooperating with the Foundation’s project for the past six years. Xie Gongwan claimed during the meeting that the eyesight of Chinese children should gain more attention from society. Many children with amblyopia are mistaken for having common myopia, and thus the best period for their treatment is missed. Through this cooperation, the Shanghai Bright Moon Glasses Company hopes to establish a welfare platform with the foundation and improve the standard of professional accreditation and management. The plan is to draw all optometry professionals together to devote themselves to the health of Chinese children with amblyopia.