Nearly 200 Beijing social organizations sanctioned for breaking rules

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  • Nearly 200 Beijing social organizations sanctioned for breaking rules

Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau imposed 177 administrative penalties on social organizations from 2020 to Oct 26, 2021, with punishments handed out to 79 social organizations, 49 foundations, and 49 private non-enterprise units.

Of the 177 administrative penalties, 101 organizations were given warnings, 54 were deregistered, three had their certificates revoked, and the rest were ordered to pause their activities for three, six or nine months.

One-hundred-and-four organizations were punished for failing to cooperate in a timely manner with their annual supervision and inspection by authorities, with these cases accounting for the majority of penalties issued. For example, Beijing Kangfu Aide Elderly Service Center received a warning in 2020 for not participating in the 2018 annual inspection and was deregistered in 2021 for failing to participate in the 2019 inspection, while Beijing China University Alumni Association was deregistered for not completing its annual supervision and inspection for three consecutive years, from 2017 to 2019.

The second most common infraction was inadequate public welfare expenditure, with 35 organizations punished. Beijing Yibang Charity Foundation received a warning in 2019 for spending only 0.26 percent of its net assets on charitable activities. Beijing Ruixin Renbo Charity Foundation was also given a warning for failing to spend any money on charitable activities.

Other groups were punished for reasons such as failing to carry out activities in accordance with the scope of their operations, misappropriating assets, failing to fulfill disclosure obligations, failing to register changes as required, setting up branch offices in violation of regulations, and failing annual inspections.