Ministry of Civil Affairs: NGOs to play important role in 14th Five-Year Plan

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  • Ministry of Civil Affairs: NGOs to play important role in 14th Five-Year Plan

On Feb 9, at the regular briefing held by the State Council Information Office, the Ministry of Civil Affairs emphasized the important role of social forces in the development of Chinese society, while introducing the Planning Book for the Construction of Urban and Rural Community Service System during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period.

“Social forces including NGOs, social workers, volunteers and other charities should be fully mobilized to participate in the development of the social care system,” said Wang Aiwen, vice minister of civil affairs.

“We must uphold the spirit of innovation: the role of the government needs to be better defined, and social forces need to become the main body of services in the community.”

Wang also reviewed the achievements of the 13th Five-Year Plan, including the 4.34 million people who now have basic personal care skills and 1.57 million qualified social workers. In addition, community service centers are now available to 100 percent of the urban population and 65.7 percent of the rural population.

“These achievements provide a guarantee for the further participation of social forces during the 14th Five-Year Plan,” he said.

Chen Yueliang, director of the Department of Grassroots Political Power Construction and Community Governance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs also attended the briefing. He added that a detailed action plan will be formulated, and a range of support will be provided, including incubation and cultivation services for community service-type social organizations, professional guidance for social workers and volunteers, and the establishment of a system to link communities and NGOs.

“Considering that society is complicated, we must give full play to each individual’s skills,” Chen Yueliang explained, “and improve the new model of multi-party participation in offering community services.”