Millions donated by charities for rural revitalization

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  • Millions donated by charities for rural revitalization

Last year, 142 NGOs under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Civil Affairs achieved positive results regarding rural development, COVID-19 control, disaster relief, and civil diplomacy.


As rural revitalization is regarded as one of the most important national strategies and will potentially improve the lives of millions, NGOs have become increasingly involved in this area.


Organizations such as the China Charity Federation and Tencent Foundation have contributed to rural development through monetary donations, industrial development assistance, education support, scientific and technological assistance, and medical support. 


According to incomplete statistics, the 142 organizations have invested more than 740 million yuan ($109 million). In addition, they have carried out a large number of activities to support local development, covering 160 counties and villages listed as key targets for the country’s rural revitalization.


In terms of other areas, donations by NGOs totaled 460 million yuan for COVID-19 prevention and control, 330 million for supporting the development of Tibet and Xinjiang, 310 million for public services, and 110 million for disaster relief.


As a less conventional playground for NGOs, civil diplomacy has gained much attention during the past year. Through participation in international conferences and implementation of foreign aid, Chinese NGOs have played an increasingly important role in global governance and international dialogue.