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The Lawyer Association of Beijing’s Fangshan District, under the leadership of President Huang Ke and Vice President Wang Wenshan, accompanied by more than 20 dedicated lawyers, paid a visit to the village of Liangxiang on June 18.

Their primary objective was to establish the Fangshan District Lawyer Association Charity Legal Aid Center, aiming to provide vital legal assistance to disabled individuals within the community.

While touring the premises, the lawyers came across a remarkable display showcasing a wide array of handicrafts skillfully crafted by disabled individuals. The lawyers, demonstrating their support and solidarity, handpicked and purchased their favorite items, appreciating the remarkable talents and efforts of the creators.

To empower the residents with knowledge of their legal rights, Sun Chunlai, a member lawyer, delivered an engaging presentation on the rights and interests of disabled individuals.

With the aid of relatable language and real-life case studies, Sun adeptly explained relevant legal provisions, ensuring that the residents gained a solid understanding of their legal protections.

The establishment of the center exemplifies the association’s unwavering commitment to supporting disabled individuals and providing essential legal aid services. By bridging the gap between the law and those in need, this contributes significantly to improving the lives of disabled individuals in the community.