Lawsuit over forced gay conversion therapy brought to a close

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  • Lawsuit over forced gay conversion therapy brought to a close

The case of a man in Henan Province who brought a psychiatric hospital to court for performing forced “gay conversion therapy” on him has come to a close. The court announced its final decision on September 15th, approving the Zhumadian psychiatric hospital’s request to withdraw their appeal application over the lawsuit.

In May 2016, a man named Yu Hu from Henan province decided to sue the Zhumadian psychiatric hospital which diagnosed him as having a “sexual preference disorder” without running any examination, and forced him to take medicine and receive injections in the hospital for 19 days. Yu Hu was forcibly sent to the psychiatric hospital by his wife and relatives in October 2015 after his wife discovered he was gay, and it was his friends and LGBT activists who helped him to get out after 19 days of treatment. CDB reported on the case at the time (see here).

In the first-instance judgement, Yu Hu won the lawsuit and the court ordered the hospital to publish a public apology in a local newspaper and pay 5,000 Yuan in compensation. However, unsatisfied with the sentence, the psychiatric hospital lodged an appeal in July. However it soon applied to withdraw the appeal on August 1st; finally, the case came to a close on September the 15th, when the court approved the hospital’s withdrawal of the appeal and order them to make the apology and pay compensation as the first-instance sentence required.

Yu claims that he just hopes the hospital can pay for their inappropriate behaviour and apologize to him; he will go on fighting for his rights until he gets a fair result from the case.