Japanese NGO Green Net registers in Inner Mongolia

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  • Japanese NGO Green Net registers in Inner Mongolia

The Public Security Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region recently issued the Japanese NGO Green Net with its registration certificate.

During the ceremony Otaki Takashi, the chief representative of the Inner Mongolia office of the Green Net, introduced the organization’s sand control and greening projects in the Horqin Sandy Land. He assured that the organization would carry out projects and activities according to the law, strengthen cross-national cooperation in the prevention and control of desertification, and make a positive contribution to ecological protection in Inner Mongolia.

The person in charge of the overseas NGO management office of the PSB affirmed the outstanding achievements of the Green Net in sand prevention and control over the years. He said that the Public Security Bureau would enhance its management services for overseas NGOs, actively coordinate and resolve relevant difficulties for overseas NGOs that carry out activities in the autonomous regions according to law, and fully guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of overseas NGOs. He also expressed the hope that the Inner Mongolia Office of the Green Net would help the construction of “ecological civilization” in Inner Mongolia through its actions.

Green Net is a Japanese grassroots NGO working on environmental protection and headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. It is committed to cultivating the people’s independent environmental awareness and enhancing the consciousness and enthusiasm of the public to participate in the prevention and control of desertification. Since 2000, Green Net has carried out various projects and activities related with sand control and greening, and planted 6.6 million trees for a green area reaching up to 39,000 acres in Tongliao city, Inner Mongolia.