International Seminar Explores Climate Financing for Low-Carbon Future

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  • International Seminar Explores Climate Financing for Low-Carbon Future

The 3rd International Seminar on Climate Financing, themed “Carbon Peaks and Green Drive – Climate Financing Empowering the Green and Low-carbon Future,” took place from May 13th to 14th.

The event focused on climate financing, facilitating professional discussions on key topics such as standards and regulations, international experiences, and information disclosure.

Policymakers, financial institutions, investors, and domestic and international research institutions came together to share cutting-edge research findings and exchange best practices.

Comprising a main forum and six parallel sub-forums, the conference covered a range of subjects, including local pilot practices and innovations in climate financing, international experiences and Chinese practices in driving low-carbon transformations through climate financing, financial solutions for methane emission reduction, carbon trading and finance, climate-friendly financial institutions, and ESG information disclosure.

The main forum hosted an achievement announcement ceremony, announcing six distinguished “2023 Climate-Friendly Banking and Financial Institutions.” Guangzhou Bank, Guilin Bank, Beijing Bank’s Subcenter Branch, Hengfeng Bank’s Beijing Branch, China Everbright Bank’s Nanjing Branch, and Industrial Bank’s Xi’an Branch were recognized for their notable contributions to climate-friendly practices.