Indicator system set to improve volunteering opportunities

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China Youth Volunteer Association recently released announced the “Indicator System of Volunteer Service in Colleges and Universities (Trial)”, aiming to provide professional guidance for objective evaluation and effective improvement of volunteer work in colleges and universities.

The indicator system takes into account the different characteristics of colleges and universities across the country to set up seven first-level indicators and 32 second-level indicators, covering areas such as participation, projects, management, and evaluation.

The indicator system will provide guidance for colleges and universities on establishing their own self-evaluation systems, facilitate evaluation observations, and improve volunteer services in colleges and universities.

At the same time, it also provides standards and a basis for local youth league organizations to observe and evaluate the status of volunteering opportunities at colleges and universities throughout the region. The Secretariat of China Youth Volunteers Association will provide support and guidance for the application of the indicator system in universities and colleges.

In 2018, China Youth Volunteer Association started conducting research to draw up the indicator system. After being piloted in 98 colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province and Chongqing, the team adopted work standards and evaluation methods that are more in line with the actual needs of volunteers attending colleges and universities, in order to provide professional and technical support to improve volunteer services.