Impressive! Shenzhen Drafts Regulations Promoting Charitable Affairs

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  • Impressive! Shenzhen Drafts Regulations Promoting Charitable Affairs

给力!深圳拟推慈善事业促进条例, Southern Metropolis Daily (Nanfang Dushibao), September 27, 2012

Shenzhen passes around a draft of new charity regulations for public comments.  The regulations include important clauses addressing three of the major obstacles facing social organizations: registration, fundraising and taxation.  In addition, it will allow foreign NGOs and individuals to register charitable organizations, something that would be a first in China.  These regulations have been hailed by a number of scholars and NGO insiders as a breakthrough and deserve close attention.  In terms of registration.

Shenzhen plans to allow social organizations to go through a document filing (bei’an) procedure for a year before registering.  The document filing system has been used in other cities and provinces, and allows the government to keep a record of the activities of social organizations.  For the social organization, it allows the organization to operate with government approval and is not as difficult as registering.  The difference is that registration allows the organization to become a legal person, while document filing does not.  In the Shenzhen case, document filing is to be an intermediate step in the registration process, but it is not yet clear how easy registration will be for organizations that go through this process.

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