Hebei city encourages local college students to work during holidays

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  • Hebei city encourages local college students to work during holidays

At the Guangying Family Farm in Huanghua (a county-level city), Hebei Province, Fan Wang, a college student who returned home for summer, has been customizing financial service plans for local farmers with a staff member from a local bank.

A graduate student at Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, Fan’s been engaged in social practice activities (local term for a type of work-placement arrangement) in a local bank this summer, as well as fieldtrips to farms and local villagers’ homes for extensive and in-depth social investigations.

Fan is part of the “Sangzi Plan” project doing social practice activities during the summer to gain some real-world experience while also making contributions to their hometown. The project is being carried out in Huanghua as local government departments are building a social practices platform for college students to use during university holidays, with the aim of enabling them to contribute to rural revitalization plans.

This year more than 200 returning college students participated in social practice activities organized by local organizations, working in areas such as financial services, pandemic prevention, traffic control, education with rural characteristics, tour guide services, library management and other positions.

Over 1,000 students have participated in the project since it was launched three years ago. In the future, the city plans to carry out this project in a more precise and refined manner based on the actual needs of regional development.