Guangzhou announces measures to promote ‘high quality’ social organizations

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  • Guangzhou announces measures to promote ‘high quality’ social organizations

The Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau recently issued the “Measures to Promote the High-quality Development of Social Organizations in Guangzhou”, proposing 20 specific measures in five areas: Party building work, institutional development, cultivation and support, functionality, and self-development.

The Measures clearly prioritize the development of social organizations such as trade associations and chambers of commerce, science and technology focused organizations, charities, and organizations that provide urban and rural community services.

The document proposes relying on the development of an integrated government service platform to strengthen the disclosure of government information and the supervision of the operation of registration and approval. It also proposed refining handling guidelines, optimizing operation procedures, simplifying certification matters, and implementing an evaluation system of registration services to improve the standardization level of social organization registration and the degree of convenience and benefits to people.

The measures introduced this time clearly include increased financial support, by improving the system of government procurement of social organization services, and the establishment and improvement of the talent capacity improvement system for social organizations.

The document also mentioned that social organizations should be encouraged to actively participate in social governance at the grassroots level. Considering the positive role of social organizations in mobilizing social forces, linking resources, and providing professional services, they can contribute to public welfare undertakings such as elderly care, child care and disability assistance.