Guangdong issues rules for community social organizations

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Editor’s note: Guangdong is known for piloting new policies and played a vital role in China’s economic reforms at the end of the 1970s.

Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs recently issued the “Guangdong Province Community Social Organization Classification and Management Measures (Trial)” to encourage social organizations, especially those at the community level, to participate in the innovation of grassroots social governance and to push for the high-quality development of social organizations in Guangdong.

With a total of 42 articles in seven chapters, including general provisions, registration and filing, internal governance, operation management, supervision and management, promotion measures and supplementary provisions, the measures further standardize the classification of community social organizations and the management of them respectively.

Community social organizations refer to non-profit organizations that are voluntarily initiated by residents, legal representatives and other organizations, and promote community development, according to the measures.

Community social organizations, under the leadership of sub-district (township) party committees and urban and rural community party organizations, are expected to follow the principles of voluntariness, openness, transparency and integrity. Party members at the community level are encouraged to serve as leaders of community social organizations, and qualified community social organization staff are encouraged to join the party, according to the measures.