Govt reveals examples of illegal NGO activities

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In recent years, the Chinese government has been tightening up NGO regulations, including closing and fining illegal organizations. The Ministry of Civil Affairs has issued a list of 10 typical cases it has encountered during crackdowns in recent years.


Organizations that receive illegal income through holding non-official evaluations and rankings have been targeted. 


One association in Guangdong was given an administrative punishment including being banned from holding activities for three months, having fees confiscated that were collected in violation of the law, as well as being punished for carrying out illegal business evaluations and handing out awards that brought in 29 million yuan ($4 million) of illegal income.


In addition, non-registered organizations claiming to be NGOs and conducting illegal activities were punished severely according to the list. 


A religious organization in Shanxi conducted illegal activities, including claiming money from members, recruiting children to receive early childhood and primary education based on theology — and charging tuition fees. It also compelled members to stop their children from receiving compulsory education from the state. In August last year, the organization was closed by the local government to protect the rights of citizens.