Government warns internet users about charity scams

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  • Government warns internet users about charity scams

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, some content creators have recently been defrauding people with fake charity videos, abusing people’s good nature to obtain donations – an act which violates the Charity Law and other relevant laws.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of people and protect the healthy environment for charity development, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a reminder to warn people and video sharing platforms about these scams.

First, fraudulent charitable activities to gain illegal income goes against what charity is for. Livestreamers and content creators who conduct these activities will face administrative punishment or imprisonment. Internet users should be vigilant to this type of fraud and only make donations through official channels.

Second, video sharing platforms must follow relevant regulations such as the Internet Security Law, Charity Law, and Online Information Management Measures, and increase the supervision of content involving charitable activities, and effectively prevent the spread of false information.

Third, if members of the public notice there are content creators carrying out illegal public fundraising activities in the name of charity, they should make a report to their municipal civil affairs department.