“Free the Smiling Angels” Project to protect finless porpoises

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  • “Free the Smiling Angels” Project to protect finless porpoises

The start of the “Free the Smiling Angels” Project was officially announced yesterday by the Tianjin Fishery Administration Office in Tianjin’s Haichang Polar Ocean Park. On the same day two adorable wild finless porpoises called Yangyang and Xiaohua were successfully released into their home, the Yellow Sea. Finless porpoises are a kind of aquatic mammal closely related to dolphins. They are known for the wide smiles which they appear to maintain all the time.

staffs were releasing the finless porpoise

As Liu Qing, head of the local Institute of Zoology, explained: “finless porpoises are very lovely and like to be intimate with human beings. I feel very happy to see them gradually recover. I hope that more and more people can learn about these ‘smiling angels’ and help them return home.”

The Haichang Ocean Park Holding LTD. plans to continue to participate in animal protection and public welfare activities, in order to take on more of its environmental responsibilities. It will keep on protecting and caring about endangered animals, especially aquatic wildlife under special national protection. More professional consulting services and aid will be offered in future, and staff and tourists will be called to join in.