Foundation leverages project management evaluation system

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The You Cheng Foundation for Rural Development has developed and implemented a comprehensive evaluation system called 3A3Forces to guide its organizational management and social innovation programs, according to its Vice Chairman and Secretary General Ling Hui speaking at the 2023 Charity Evaluation Conference held in Beijing last week.

“Our vision is to explore paths for social innovation and become an important force driving more equitable, efficient and sustainable development of human society,” said Ling, explaining You Cheng’s motives behind creating the tailored system in 2007.

The 3As analyse a project’s Aim, Approach and Action, while the 3Forces evaluate its Innovation Force, Implementation Force and Influence Force. The multidimensional framework has assisted You Cheng in areas from grant decision-making, daily operations, investment programs to self-assessment.

In recent years, the foundation has partnered with institutions like Tencent Foundation to customize the 3A3Forces system for evaluating the social value of listed companies and credibility of internet fundraising projects.

Ling Hui introduced case studies of how the system generates comprehensive project evaluation reports through evidence-based analysis. This standardizes the assessment process and provides data to optimize different charitable projects.

“We have also leveraged third-party evaluations to supplement our self-assessment, helping improve training systems and benchmarking against others in the industry,” Ling added.