Draft regulation on overseas aid released

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The China International Development Cooperation Agency (IDCA), a new state-level department set up during the fourth session of the first annual meeting of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress in March, has published the draft of the “Overseas Aid Management Method” in order to solicit public feedback. The draft is aimed at strengthening strategic planning and coordination on foreign aid and cooperation.

The draft of the Overseas Aid Management Method has seven chapters and 43 articles, including general provisions, policy planning, funds management, project implementation, supervision and evaluation, liabilities and supplementary articles. A few of the main points listed in the draft are as follows.

The general provision defines the concept of foreign aid, and the targets and purposes of assistance. In order to solve important issues, the IDCA will establish coordination mechanisms with related departments. As for improving the policy planning of foreign aid, the IDCA and related departments will draw up strategic principles, mid-long term policy rules, state policies and an overall plan. According to the scale and the direction of the use of foreign aid funds regulated by the IDCA, three types of aid funds are accessible, in other words unconditional aid, interest-free loans and concessionary loans. Moreover, aid foundations can be established to enlarge the types of funds. In accordance with the draft, aid projects are divided into four types: full projects, material supply projects, technical assistance projects and human resources and cooperation projects. For the sake of scientific implementation, the IDCA will formulate project management regulations. The draft also emphasises that the IDCA has the duty to supervise project implementation.

The IDCA welcomes public advice and suggestions on the draft, and the deadline is December 12. Feedback can be provided in the following four ways:

  1. Through the China law website.
  2. Through the website of the IDCA.
  3. Sending an email to zcfgc@cidca.gov.cn.
  4. By posting it to the following address: No.2, Yuetan Beijiaoxie, Xicheng District, Beijing


The original content of the draft can be found on the website of IDCA.