Douyin feature allows users to help save Siberian tigers

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  • Douyin feature allows users to help save Siberian tigers

Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, has recently launched a Siberian tiger protection program through its “Douyin Nature” project. Users can collect “natural energy” by watching or shooting videos of animals and plants and donating the energy they earn to selected tiger preservation areas.

As of Jan 25 — nine days after the event was launched — more than 11.27 million Douyin users have participated, according to a China Philanthropy Times report.

Douyin will fund the restoration of vegetation, the construction of natural preservation corridors, and anti-poaching patrols based on the amount of energy donated by users.

Douyin Nature is a public welfare project initiated by ByteDance Public Welfare and Douyin. (ByteDance is Douyin’s parent company.) It aims to attract more public attention to conservation efforts by providing users with high-quality science content. Users can search for “Douyin Natural” on the app to access the project page.

The current protection areas covered by the project are located in Huangnihe National Nature Reserve in Jilin Province and Dajiahe Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang Province — both in Northeast China. They cover a total area of ​​1,141.87 square kilometers.

Huangnihe National Nature Reserve is located at the southern part of Zhangguangcai Mountain, part of the Changbai Mountains. The reserve is in the center of the historical distribution area of ​​wild Siberian tigers and the only habitat and breeding ground for Siberian tigers in inland China.

At the center of the new Siberian tiger protection program is nine-year-old Huwa, a wild Siberian tiger that was first discovered by rangers in October 2014. In the past few years, rangers patrolling the reserve have witnessed Huwa’s development by tracking him with infrared cameras and identifying his footprints.