Trial regulations require registered NGOs to establish “Party groups (党组)”

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On May 29th, the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee passed the “The Communist Party of China’s Party Organizations’ Working Regulations (trial) (中国共产党党组工作条例(试行))”.

According to the Constitution of the Communist Party of China (中国共产党章程), organizations such as central and local government agencies, people’s organizations (人民团体),  businesses, cultural institutions, and other non-party organizations (非党组织)are allowed to establish Party groups (党组) within their organization. However the newly passed Regulations now states that a number of types of organizations – for the first time including registered NGOs (called “social organizations”, 社会组织)- are required to establish Party groups. The new regulations also removed the word “non-party” (非党组织).

According to the Dongfang Daily, because NGOs (social organizations) are still growing in number, the CPC Central Committee wants these organizations to establish Party groups in order to better guide their development. The difference between a Party group (党组) and a Party committee(党委)within an organization is that the Party group is more focused on directly leading the organization to follow the core values of the communist party. The Dongfang Daily also points out that in the future, the central committee is more likely to ask an even greater range of organizations to establish Party groups.