Communities asked to offer families education guidance

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The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Civil Affairs and 14 other departments jointly issued the Opinions on Improving the School-Family-Society Collaborative Education Mechanism on Jan 13.


The collaborative education mechanism requires clear distribution of responsibilities between schools, parents, and society, which include communities, libraries, museums and other education resource providers. 


The goal is to strengthen schools’ leading role in the education of students while making home education more professional and fully utilizing resources from different social entities by the last stage of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025). By 2035, China will have established a clear, sound, well-connected, scientific and efficient school-family-society collaborative education mechanism.


What is noteworthy is that the opinion elaborates on the role and responsibilities of local communities. The latter are required to make family education guidance the main service they provide to community members and build an inclusive family education guidance system. 


Communities are encouraged to recruit more professional workers to provide the service and give more attention to families with left-behind children and children with disabilities.