Chinese volunteers help elderly in Tanzania

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The food package distribution project supported by the Shanxin Lianxin Volunteer Group and the Peaceland Foundation officially launched on April 30. 


The project plans to provide food packages for 50 impoverished elderly households in the Poli region of Tanzania. The food provided includes rice, corn flour, oil, salt, sugar, and other foods that meet local dietary needs. The project will last for one year and food will be distributed once a month.


Poli is a beautiful region with tropical forests and massive biodiversity. However, behind the scenery lies severe poverty. For the majority of its 20,000 inhabitants, making five dollars a month or even one is incredibly difficult.


During the food distribution, volunteers were also able to learn more about the lives of local senior citizens and the challenges they and their families face. From access to clean water and healthcare to education and employment, none of these issues can be solved without huge financial investment and effort. 


Although the food package project can only cover 50 extremely poor households, it signals a start. In the future, volunteers hope to bring more improvements to this village.