Chinese NGOs Explores Global Initiatives with French Charity

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Representatives from the Beijing Peaceland Foundation (BPF) and China Development Brief (CDB)  visited to the headquarters of  Association Amours et Coeurs unis en France (AACF)  in Paris on December 16.

The delegation, led by Liu Qian and Wang Zhuolun, engaged in insightful discussions with the founders of AACF, Dong Fengzhen and Dong Hao. The focal point of their conversation was a shared aspiration: advancing China’s philanthropic endeavors onto the global stage.

Established in April 2018, the BPF has been at the forefront of various humanitarian initiatives both domestically and internationally. Their involvement spans a spectrum of crises, from flood relief in Shouguang, Shandong, to earthquake assistance in Yibin, and international efforts such as mine clearance in Cambodia and humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees. Liu Qian provided a comprehensive overview of the foundation’s impactful interventions, emphasizing their commitment to global collaboration and the establishment of an international disaster preparedness warehouse.

The CDB is a bilingual platform founded in 1996,  serving as a professional hub for the observation, research, and network support essential to the NGOs and charity sector. Wang Zhuolun highlighted the critical role of the CDB in fostering a bridge between Chinese and international philanthropy.

The AACF, represented by its founders Dong Fengzhen and Dong Hao, shared insights into the organization’s genesis and charitable activities. Their commitment to humanitarian causes has manifested in initiatives such as the “Love Kitchen,” a commendable endeavor acknowledged by the visiting Beijing delegation.

The exchange extended beyond organizational backgrounds, delving into mutual experiences and perspectives on philanthropic activities. All parties expressed a resolute commitment to strengthening cooperation.

The overarching objective is to collectively advance the development of philanthropy in China and overseas. The meeting concluded with a tour of the French Charity Group’s “Love Kitchen,” leaving the Beijing delegation thoroughly impressed with the innovative initiatives undertaken.

This exchange marks a significant step towards fostering global partnerships and amplifying the narrative of Chinese philanthropy on the international stage. The shared vision and commitment exhibited during this meeting underscore the potential for impactful collaborations in the realm of global humanitarian efforts.

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