Chinese NGO Co-Hosts Side Event at UN on Child Rights

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The New Sunshine Charity Foundation and the China NGO Network for International Exchanges co-hosted a side event titled “Protecting Human Rights for the Next Generation: Focusing on the Rights of Children” during China’s fourth Universal Periodic Review at the UN Human Rights Council.

The New Sunshine Charity Foundation, founded in 2009, is one of biggest charitable organizations focusing on healthcare in China. It was recently granted special consultative status by the UN Economic and Social Council in recognition of its role in global health governance.

Chen Yuding, head of New Sunshine’s international department, highlighted the often overlooked issue of education for children who are in long-term hospitalization for cancer. To tackle this difficulty, New Sunshine has built 41 classrooms in hospitals across China to ensure children’s right to education during treatment.

“We hope this side event raises awareness about the critical needs of hospitalized children – education, re-socialization after illness, and the intersection of rights to life, health and education in special circumstances,” said Chen. “We encourage the public to avoid the burden of physical illness and mental distress in hospitalized children by optimizing support systems.”

Other speakers included Joy Katunge from the Kenyan Child Rights Alliance, David Lopez from the Swiss NGO Human Rights & Social Development, and representatives from Chinese NGOs focused on child welfare, minority culture preservation, and family planning. Their multi-faceted perspectives shed light on China’s human rights situation and future civil society actions.

In addition to the side event, New Sunshine delegates attended China’s official Universal Periodic Review session, where the government vowed to prioritize public health, accelerate healthcare reforms, and provide targeted interventions for vulnerable groups in line with the Healthy China Action Plan (China’s national policy).