Chinese foundation helps support Cambodian students

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The Amity Foundation has funded 310 Cambodian students to continue their studies through its “Pass the Flame International Student Aid Project”, according to a recent conclusion meeting held by the foundation.

A Chinese NGO created in 1985, the Amity Foundation has carried out a number of education development projects with its local partners in Cambodia since 2019, benefiting more than 2,100 local students.

The foundation’s local partner, Life with Dignity (LWD), and more than 440 teachers and students from Preythom Primary School in Bavel District attended the virtual conclusion ceremony.

The “Pass the Flame International Student Aid Project”, a signature initiative of Amity Foundation’s “Going Global” strategy, landed in Cambodia in June last year, providing financial aid and other material support to 310 students from six schools in Battambang Province. It also launched infrastructure projects, helping five schools build sanitary facilities, clean school toilets, pave roads, and install water storage facilities and solar lighting. Its International Volunteer Program also sent volunteers to Cambodia’s rural schools to teach Chinese, photography and communication skills.

Through cooperation with Alibaba’s charity platform, the foundation has launched projects in countries including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda, providing student aid as well as funds for teaching support, community development and solar energy to benefit disadvantaged students.