China’s NGOs get help to communicate about climate change

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In order to promote a better understanding of China’s “dual carbon” goals and to form a joint force to help achieve them, the China Association for NGO Cooperation (Cango) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Beijing Representative Office this month launched the “Carbon Neutral Philanthropy Communication – Social Organizations Helping Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutral” project.

The project will fund five social organizations to improve their climate communication capabilities. In addition, the initiative will facilitate seminars and exchange activities for more Chinese social organizations on “dual carbon” topics — national policy interpretation, communication theory construction, and other research and exchange activities.

As an important stakeholder involved in climate governance, Chinese social organizations play an active and indispensable role in popularizing and disseminating scientific and popular knowledge of the “dual carbon” goals, as well as guiding green consumption and climate-adaptive lifestyles.

The project aims to improve the communication capabilities of Chinese social organizations on climate issues, promote the production of high-quality content around “dual carbon” topics, and build a sharing platform for multi-stakeholder learning and communication.

The funding cycle runs from Aug 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. Selected organizations will receive 250,000 yuan ($36,992) each to support their communication and education projects related to climate and “dual carbon” goals, including but not limited to low-carbon action, climate education, sustainable consumption, ecological protection and restoration, pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and green transformation.