China Releases “Climate Change Adaptation Progress Report”

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The Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) has compiled and officially released the “China Climate Change Adaptation Progress Report (2023)” on May 15th, National Low-Carbon Day.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the progress and accomplishments in climate change adaptation initiatives across various key sectors in the country since the introduction of the “National Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change 2035.”

It covers aspects such as the policy framework for adaptation, climate change monitoring and early warning systems, risk management, natural ecosystems, economic and social systems, regional patterns, and the establishment of safeguard mechanisms.

According to the report, China has made proactive efforts to enhance its climate change adaptation policy framework since 2022. It has facilitated the development and implementation of provincial-level climate change adaptation action plans, alongside the issuance of 80 policy documents pertaining to climate change adaptation in critical areas. These measures have provided valuable guidance for enhancing climate resilience.

Furthermore, significant progress has been achieved in key sectors such as water resources, terrestrial ecosystems, oceans, agriculture, and public health. These advancements have greatly contributed to enhancing climate resilience and effectively mitigating the adverse impacts and risks associated with climate change.

Moving forward, the MEE will strengthen inter-departmental coordination, enhance climate change impact and risk assessments, deepen pilot initiatives for climate-adaptive cities, and bolster the adaptive capacity of key areas and regions. These efforts aim to continue making positive contributions to the construction of a beautiful China and global climate governance.