China now home to over 1.75m community social organizations – MCA

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By the end of 2022, the number of community social organizations in China exceeded 1.75 million, of which about 10 percent met the requirements for registration as social organizations and were registered with, for example, county-level civil affairs departments. However, about 90 percent of community social organizations are guided and managed by sub-district offices, township governments, community Party organizations, and grassroots self-governing organizations.

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA), in terms of registered organizations, by the end of 2022, there were 892,000 registered social organizations at all levels of the country, including 371,000 social groups, 512,000 social service agencies and 9,316 foundations.

Community social organizations are social organizations mainly initiated and established by community residents and resident units, which carry out activities such as charity programs, mutual assistance among neighbors, sports and entertainment events, agricultural technology assistance and more in urban and rural communities

In recent years, local civil affairs departments have guided community social organizations to play an active role in providing community services. Since 2021, civil affairs departments at all levels have launched a “neighbors looking out for each other” campaign of social organizations, and more than 90,000 social organizations, including community social organizations, have carried out 263,000 community service activities of various kinds, serving 93.36 million people.

These organizations provided services such as counseling, legal aid, social integration and other care services for those in need. At the same time, local community social organizations made efforts to help improve the living environment, public security, property management, elderly care and childcare.

It is reported that since 2021, MCA has carried out community social organization training demonstration projects for three consecutive years and implemented 86 training projects covering about 87,000 staff at community social organizations.

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