China launches online jobs campaign for NGOs

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The Chinese government has announced a new initiative to boost employment opportunities in the non-profit sector. The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security are jointly launching a 100-day online campaign for NGOs to post job openings.

The “Employment Online” platform will allow registered organizations to directly post vacancies from Sept 4 to 8. The job details will then be highlighted and promoted from September 11 to 17, with positions continuing to be displayed online according to organization requests.

This special recruitment drive aims to help NGOs absorb more college graduates and other jobseekers. It builds on the Ministry of Human Resources’ broader 100-day campaign to hire millions of new recruits, which has gathered over 10 million job notices across all industries.

Local civil affairs authorities are being urged to publicize the recruitment drive and encourage participation. National groups are also being called upon to develop positions for graduates and utilize the platform to meet hiring needs.

The initiative aims to boost the role of social organizations in aiding graduate employment. By providing a targeted channel, it can facilitate efficient connections and achieve precise matching between groups and jobseekers.