China launches 2023 selection for smart elderly care pilot programs

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China has kicked off the process to select a new list of pilot programs for smart elderly care in 2023.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Civil Affairs and National Health Commission recently issued a joint notice to organize the selection process.

The focus will be on smart health scenarios like family health management and Internet Plus healthcare, as well as smart elderly care scenarios including community daycare, nursing homes and elderly care service supervision. Pilot schemes that integrate both smart health and elderly care services are also included.

The goal is to cultivate outstanding companies with strong innovation and mature business models, build demonstration industrial parks with significant economic benefits, and establish model streets and centers with extensive public participation and distinct regional characteristics.

Provincial industry authorities, civil affairs and health departments will be responsible for reviewing and recommending applicants that meet the criteria laid out in the 2023 Smart Elderly Care Application Pilot Demonstration Application Guidelines.

Central State-owned enterprises can apply and put forward recommendations regarding their member units separately.

The three ministries will also initiate reviews of pilot demonstrations selected during 2017-2019 to verify if they have made significant progress and continued playing an exemplary leading role. Those that fail the review will have their designation revoked.