China improves significantly in ‘Doing Good Index’

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The Center for Asian Philanthropy (CAPS) released the Chinese-language version of its latest Doing Good Index 2022 report during an online press conference on Nov 9.

The report, which was originally published in June, comprehensively evaluates the performance of four major indicators — Regulations, Tax and Fiscal Policy, Ecosystem, and Procurement — in 17 Asian economies to reflect the environment and development trends of philanthropy and private giving in each economy.

This year, the overall performance of China’s Doing Good Index has improved significantly since the previous edition (2020). China has been upgraded from “Doing Okay” to “Doing Better” — the same category as Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and other economies, outperforming nine other Asian economies.

According to the report, the Doing Good Index 2022 is the most comprehensive social impact index in Asia to date, highlighting factors that drive or hinder private capital flowing towards social and economic challenges across 17 Asian economies.

It provides a roadmap of the policies and practices that can unleash this capital by mitigating the trust deficit, leveraging local support, and facilitating cross-sector collaboration.

The report reveals the structural issues that hinder the development of NGOs and highlights the factors that can help governments, businesses, philanthropists and social service organizations to further develop and work together to address the many social issues and challenges facing Asia.