China Charity Ranking broadcast draws millions

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Broadcast for three hours, China Philanthropy Times’ live event releasing the 19th (2022) China Charity Ranking drew more than 5.5 million online viewers.

The event featured 46 guest speakers and was covered by over 280 media outlets across the country. In less than a day, the keyword “China Charity Ranking” was read over 56 million times online and was featured among the most-searched items on Weibo, a Twitter-like Chinese social network.

A total of 135 philanthropists and 1,511 companies that made donations have entered the rankings this year, donating 6.29 billion yuan ($939.56 million) and 2.4 billion yuan respectively in 2021. Compared to previous years, both the number of companies donating and their total donations reached a record high. This year’s China Charity Ranking also paid tribute to representative annual philanthropists, charitable businesses, foundations, and charitable projects.

In addition to media attention, the event also attracted a number of sector observers and experts, who provided follow-up analysis and interpretation of the rankings, which then sparked further discussions, according to China Philanthropy Times.

Philanthropists, representatives of charitable organizations, enterprises and foundations, and other guests who participated in the launch, also expressed their respective understandings and expectations of China’s philanthropy sector through their own channels after the event.