China and France hold NGO seminar in Beijing

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  • China and France hold NGO seminar in Beijing

China and France recently held a joint seminar on NGO services in Beijing to promote exchanges and cooperation in the field. Organized by the China Association of Social Workers and the French Embassy, the event brought together experts, academics and organization representatives.

Topics focused on social services and livelihood security for disadvantaged groups, as well as developments in healthcare work in both countries. Participants called for more pragmatic collaboration based on the long-standing China-France friendship and growing civil organization ties.

China Association of Social Workers President Chen Cungen said NGO work has become an important force in China’s social governance under the Communist Party’s leadership. It is now embedded across areas like healthcare, rural revitalization and emergency response. The association aims to continue promoting the growth of the sector and global partnerships based on localized NGO work theories and professionalization.

French NGOs face challenges like low pay and gender imbalances but play a key role serving vulnerable groups, said Cecile Chalaye, vice president of the High Council of Social Work. Exchanges can enhance capabilities to jointly address issues.

Officials and organization leaders from both sides introduced cases in disability rehabilitation, healthcare work, services for the disadvantaged, as well as examining other areas.

The event helped to cement the consensus reached during recent meetings between officials from China and France. Follow-up cooperation in social work will be pursued to serve people’s welfare and promote communication between the two countries.