China Aims for High-Quality Development of NGO Work

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Recently, President Xi Jinping emphasized the critical importance of prioritizing high-quality development in social organization work (NGO in the Chinese context) in the new era. This underscores the innovative application of the Party’s theories in civil affairs and embodies Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics for contemporary times.

NGO work is a vital component of civil affairs and has received notable attention from President Xi. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he has consistently highlighted the need to reinforce Party leadership in NGOs, support economic and social development, harness their positive contributions, mitigate security risks, and foster their healthy progression.

Furthermore, the recent Central Economic Work Conference stressed the imperative of upholding high-quality development as a fundamental principle in the new era. Achieving this entails a thorough understanding and application of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology, ensuring seamless integration of learning, comprehension, and practical application to drive the robust advancement of social organizations.

To ensure the high-quality development of social organization registration and management, President Xi emphasized the need to enhance oversight at the source. This involves deepening political understanding, strengthening registration procedures, improving regulatory mechanisms, and enforcing compliance measures to uphold the integrity and security of social organizations.

Additionally, President Xi underscored the importance of consolidating foundational strengths and cultivating new capabilities to propel the continuous progress of NGOs.

This necessitates a keen focus on development positioning, a strategic approach to developmental areas, and a commitment to exploring innovative pathways for growth. By aligning with national strategies and leveraging their unique strengths, social organizations can actively contribute to advancing high-quality economic and social development.