Charities come together to help flooded Shanxi

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Heavy rain has caused severe flooding in some regions of Shanxi Province. From Oct 2 to 7, precipitation in the region was between 15.4 and 285.2 millimeters and 18 townships were hit by 200 millimeters of rainfall. By Oct 10, flooding had impacted more than 1.75 million people in 76 towns and 120,100 people had been relocated. So far, nearly 3 million mu (200,000 hectares) of crops have been damaged, and 17,000 houses have been destroyed.

The flood-stricken areas were further hit by a cold snap, which has posed huge challenges for rescue work and the transportation of relief supplies.

Social organizations have been playing an active role in rescue and relief efforts in the aftermath of the disaster. Beijing Peaceland Charitable Foundation and China Social Relief Foundation along with their local partners have sent out rescue teams to affected areas to carry out assessments and distribute supplies. So far, over 1,200 people have received food, blankets and heaters.

Zhuo Ming Disaster Information Service Center was one of the first organizations on the scene. According to Hao Nan, head of the center, relief goods and equipment to hold back floodwater are required most urgently. He has estimated that after Oct 10, demand for goods including woven sacks, winter clothing, tents and water pumps will increase significantly.

A coordination platform has been set up by several professionals in the nonprofit sector to help social organisations with collecting information, channelling resources and matching services with demand. The platform is run by staff from various foundations, rescue teams, social work centers and volunteer associations who ensure that accurate information from disaster-hit areas is gathered in a timely manner and published on a daily basis.

Fundraising events have been organised by the Shanxi Provincial Red Cross and the Shanxi Charity Federation. It has been reported that the former had received donations of more than 10 million yuan ($1.55 million) by Oct 8, and the latter had received donations of over 570,000 yuan by Oct 9.


*Information for this article was also sourced from the China Philanthropist Magazine and the Amity Chuanyi Foundation.