Capital Charity Awards held in Beijing

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The Capital Charity Awards and Beijing Charity Cultural Creation Conference were recently held at the Beijing Zhengda Center. The events were hosted by the Capital Charity Foundation under the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee’s Social Work Committee and the Civil Affairs Bureau.

At the awards ceremony, Li Wanjun, secretary of the Social Work Committee, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and president of the Capital Charity Federation, announced the winners of the Third Capital Charity Award. Twenty individuals, including Wang Zhen; three “compassionate enterprises”, including Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.; and seven charitable organizations, including Beijing Angel Mother Charity Foundation, received the award.

Those selected underwent a rigorous evaluation process and were then put to a public vote. The voting process attracted widespread attention, with 115 million visits recorded to the online voting page, and 42.32 million people casting a vote.

The winners of the Capital Charity Award are outstanding representatives selected from a whole host of charitable organizations. Among the 20 individuals picked this year were Li Suli, who was selected as an example of someone “serving the people without end”, and An Zhongyan, a disabled woman known for fighting poverty.

The three compassionate enterprises selected were Baidu, with its exploration of a new innovative model for combining charity and technology, Ping An, with its innovations in alleviating poverty through finance, and CP Group, with its targeted poverty relief. The companies were honored for being positive advocates and practical implementers of Capital Charity’s public welfare project.

Among the seven charities to receive awards were SEE, which works to protect the environment; the New Sunshine Charity Foundation, which is committed to the coordinated development of charity and healthcare; and the knowledge-based service organization Beijing Social Work Development Center For Facilitators. These are just a few of the representatives from Capital Charity’s organizations making remarkable contributions across a number of sectors.

This article was kindly translated by a CDB volunteer.