BSF Urges Standardization of Municipal Sports NGOs

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The Secretariat of the Beijing Sports Federation (BSF) recently issued a notice titled “Notice on the standardization of municipal sports social organizations.” This notice aims to implement the work requirements outlined by the Beijing Municipal Party Committee concerning the classified construction of national fitness public services and youth physical exercise standard systems. It emphasizes the need to strengthen the formulation and revision of standards in various sports services, including sports skills, events organization, sports education and training, as well as the standardization of urban sports venue construction.

BSF has also provided tools for standardization work, such as Group Standardization Compilation Instructions, Group Standard Information Statistical Tables, and Standardization Draft Templates, to assist social organizations in their endeavours.

In October 2022, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Notice on the Capital Standardization Development Outline 2035″ to all district and county governments, state agencies, state-owned enterprises, colleges, universities, and social organizations (NGOs) under its jurisdiction.

The 2035 standardization outline aims to provide robust support for the ecological environment construction, refined urban management, improvement of people’s livelihood and public security, market transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the promotion of high-quality economic and social development in Beijing.