Beijing to improve access to mental health services by 2025

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  • Beijing to improve access to mental health services by 2025

According to a list released by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, 247 grassroots mental health centers have been established in the capital city. Residents can use them for information, psychological assessment, stress reduction, counseling and other services.

A director of the Civil Affairs Bureau told reporters that Beijing became the first city in the country to implement standards for the provision of mental health services last year. According to the city’s rules, the centers should provide services such as information, guidance and counseling to residents, and help to monitor people’s mental health.

The implementation of the standards will further promote the standardization of mental health centers, and provide residents with better psychological services.

Taking the view that good mental health is key to a person’s quality of life, Beijing Municipal Government has included the development of mental health centers into key livelihood projects for three consecutive years — in order to comprehensively promote the establishment of a mental health system.

It is estimated that by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), more than 500 mental health centers will have been built in Beijing – giving residents living across the city’s districts and sub-districts access to high quality mental healthcare.