Beijing Times – Government “releases power” and accepts supervision

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Government “releases power” and accepts supervision

Beijing Times (京华时报), May 6, 2013

Traces the developments in disaster relief fundraising, beginning with the 2008 earthquake in which only three major GONGO channels were announced to the public. At that time, although other organizations such as the Foundation for Poverty Alleviation fought to be included in the “donation channels” announcement during a disaster relief program on CCTV, only Civil Affairs, China Red Cross, and China Charity Federation were mentioned on the program. Although these groups continued to monopolize the channels of public fundraising, slowly other organizations were included, particularly those with close relationships to the big three. After the most recent earthquake to hit China in Lushan, Sichuan, the Civil Affairs Bureau released an announcement stating that donations should be given to organizations with a background in disaster relief or civil affairs bureaus located in the disaster area. According to practitioners, this signaled a greater space for NGOs and foundations to become involved in fundraising and other disaster relief activities, indeed a new stance for the government.

Summary by Amanda Brown-Inz. See Article for full text. (Chinese)

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