Another batch of illegal NGOs exposed by MCA

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  • Another batch of illegal NGOs exposed by MCA

The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) recently released a new list of suspected illegal social organizations (NGOs). The organizations are as follows:

-China Organic Products Association (中国有机产品协会);

-China Ergonomics Research Association (中国人体工程学研究协会);

-China Construction Industry Association (中国建设施工行业协会);

-Chinese Dance Artists Association (中国舞蹈艺术家协会);

-Traditional Chinese Medicine National Health Industry Committee (中医药民族健康产业委员会);

-National Enterprise Quality Supervision and Management Center (全国企业质量监督管理中心);

-China Enterprise Product Quality Supervision Center (中国企业产品质量监督中心);

-China Quality Certification Brand Evaluation Center (中国质量认证品牌评定中心);

-Leiting Love Charity Foundation (雷霆爱心公益基金会);

-Tongyihui Foundation (同义汇基金会).

The MCA also announced the deletion of the online presence of seven organizations that had previously been declared illegal:

-China Camp Education Alliance (中国营地教育联盟);

-China Medical and Health Management Universities Alliance (中国医药卫生管理大学联盟);

-National Vocational Education Teacher Training Alliance (全国职业教育师资培训联盟);

-National Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Industry Innovation Alliance (国家节能减碳产业创新联盟);

-China Supervision Network Zhejiang Xiangshan Office (中国监督网浙江象山办事处);

-China Coal Mine Trauma Society North China Branch (中国煤矿创伤学会华北分会);

-Whole Hearted Dog Adoption Center (全心犬意犬类领养中心).

The MCA advised the public to be more vigilant regarding the above-mentioned organizations, and to report any suspected illegal activities through the MCA’s website.

It is also recommended that the public verify the information of social organizations through the MCA’s service platform, prior to working with them or participating in their activities.