Action plan launched to promote NGOs

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The National Federation of Trade Unions in China has recently unveiled a special action plan aimed at fostering the establishment of NGOs and charitable organizations.

Over the next two years, the federation plans to initiate a nationwide campaign to promote the creation of these organizations in accordance with legal requirements and in alignment with trade union regulations.

The action plan outlines several key objectives. Trade unions at all levels will focus on NGOs registered with the civil affairs departments at the provincial level or above, as well as private hospitals, schools, and kindergartens registered nationwide.

The aim is to achieve a unionization rate of over 60 percent among those identified NGOs by the end of 2023. Furthermore, by the end of 2024, the establishment rate is expected to be maintained at approximately 85 percent.

To address the diverse range of NGOs in terms of size and complexity, the action plan emphasizes detailed mapping and comprehensive analysis. Trade unions will promote the establishment of meetings in compliance with local laws and provide tailored guidance based on specific circumstances.

Additionally, efforts will be made to enhance the organizational systems of NGOs, enabling them to better serve the needs of workers and provide quality services.

Local trade unions will allocate special funds, fixed subsidies, and project subsidies to provide financial support for the development of trade unions within NGOs. This support aims to ensure the smooth operation of smaller NGOs and regional or industry-based NGO federations.

The action plan highlights the importance of in-depth mapping and research, law-based membership construction, standardized operations, and robust rights protection services.

Research, information sharing, experience exchange meetings, and the dissemination of success stories will be carried out to monitor progress and address challenges hindering the establishment of trade unions.

Through this, China’s National Federation of Trade Unions aims to foster the growth of NGOs and create a supportive environment for the development of charitable organizations that protect workers’ rights and interests.