62 social organizations in Yunnan have their registrations cancelled

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On August 7, the Yunnan Provincial Civil Affairs Department announced that 62 social organizations in the province have not submitted to their annual inspection for more than two consecutive years, have refused to accept supervision and inspection by the registration management agencies, and their actions have violated the relevant regulations of the State Council and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The Civil Affairs Department has thus decided to cancel the registration of 20 of these social organizations and served an “Advance Notice of Administrative Punishment” to the remaining 42 social organizations. According to the announcement, due to the inability to contact these 42 social organizations, it is required that they go to the Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau and receive the “Advance Notice of Administrative Punishment” from the Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau within 60 days from the date of the announcement, after which the notice will be considered to have been delivered.

The 42 social organization have the right to make statements, rebut the charge and request hearings regarding the proposed administrative punishment. The written statement, rebuttal, and request for a hearing have to be delivered within three days to the department, after which the above rights will be deemed to be waived.

The 62 social organizations in question include 7 foundations, 26 private non-enterprise units and 29 social groups, all of whose names are listed in the original announcement.

In Brief

August 7 Provincial Civil Affairs Department issued an announcement: 20 social organizations in Yunnan were deregistered In addition, another 42 social organizations delivered the “Administrative Punishment Advance Notice”
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