Action plan set to improve services for children, seniors

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A total of 13 departments, including the Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Civil Affairs and others, recently issued a notice regarding the Three-Year Action Plan (2023-2025) for Comprehensive Promotion of the Construction of 15-Minute Urban Convenience Living Circles.

The Action Plan emphasizes principles such as asking people about their needs, identifying what is lacking and supplementing accordingly, and tailoring policies and strategies to individual cities and areas.

In addition to guaranteeing the supply of basic goods, the plan also urges the development of businesses to enhance people’s quality of life.

By 2025, the plan will be fully implemented in all eligible cities at or above the prefecture level nationwide, and various types of 15-minute convenience living circles will be promoted — with reasonable layouts, complete business formats, improved functions, high-quality services, smart and efficient operations, and standardized commercial and residential environments.

The Action Plan lists five key items, including system planning and design to optimize the layout of community businesses, improving consumption conditions and enriching residents’ consumption formats, innovative consumption scenarios to enhance diverse consumer experiences, promoting technological empowerment to improve levels of convenience, and promoting employment and entrepreneurship to increase local residents’ income.

Regarding services for the elderly and children, the Action Plan specifically encourages the development and renovation of community elderly care facilities according to age-friendly standards and supports the use of supporting facilities by elderly care institutions to provide community elderly care services. It also encourages the development of embedded and standardized childcare institutions and centers and the provision of affordable childcare services.