Douyin implements new norms on pseudo charity content

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Douyin, a leading short video platform, has recently introduced updated norms aimed at addressing the dissemination of misleading and exaggerated philanthropy content. The release of these guidelines has garnered significant attention and sparked discussions among users.

The platform’s latest specifications primarily target posts that employ staged photos depicting “poverty and misery” or exaggerated social and family conflicts. It also addresses the issue of commercializing philanthropic activities by using phrases such as “help farmers,” “help the elderly,” and “help the poor” to seek financial gain. Additionally, the guidelines prohibit philanthropic accounts from monetizing their endeavors.

Douyin’s new rules reflect its commitment to maintaining the authenticity of philanthropy while encouraging users to share uplifting content that promotes positive energy. The platform sets clear requirements for the qualification of philanthropic account operators and provides guidance on charity fundraising and live content.

Since the implementation of China’s Charity Law in 2016, internet charity participation has experienced remarkable growth, with over 51 billion individuals engaging in online charitable activities and raising a staggering 35 billion yuan ($4.87 billion).

Short video platforms like Douyin have played a pivotal role in facilitating public involvement in philanthropic initiatives by offering an interactive and visually engaging medium for promoting social causes.

While short video platforms have brought new opportunities for the philanthropic industry, they have also presented challenges. Some individuals, capitalizing on the popularity of “philanthropy” and “charity,” have engaged in deceptive practices, using fabricated narratives or staged scenarios to exploit public goodwill for personal gain.

Douyin’s proactive approach seeks to address these concerns through measures such as rigorous authentication processes, effective counterfeit prevention, and collaborative management.

The platform aims to foster a healthy environment for the philanthropic industry. The recently released guidelines also provide detailed instructions on obtaining certified philanthropic account status and initiating public fundraising activities.

Sector insiders have expressed their support for Douyin’s actions, emphasizing the need to combat pseudo philanthropy content and behaviors that undermine the credibility of the industry.

While acknowledging that further improvements may be necessary, they believe that Douyin’s efforts will enhance public trust in the platform and contribute to the advancement of the philanthropic cause.