2023 China Foundation Forum was successfully held

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2023 China Foundation Forum Annual Conference with the theme of “Advance with Determined Endeavor-Values and Principles of the Foundations” was successfully held in Shenzhen on November 22-23, by the China Association Non-Profit Organization (social organizations in China are NGOs in western context) and Beijing Jiye Evergreen Social Organization Center, the secretariat of China Foundation Forum. The event brought together nearly 1000 people from 500 organizations offline after a four-year hiatus.

In light of increasingly serious climate change and extreme weather events, intense pressure of economic downturn, and rising social inequalities, the philanthropic sector confronts, including foundations and other charitable organizations, are compelled to reassess their strategies for survival and development to confront challenges.

The conference addressed various climate change agendas, such as “Climate Change and Community Adaptation: Cooperation and Innovation for Community Adaptation to Climate Change ” and “Building Resilience: Collaborative Strategies for Climate-Change Related Disasters.” The main forum also delved into topics such as waste classification and glacier melting.

The parallel forums reflected fundamental aspects and explore various approaches to address social issues. This included implementing effective funding strategies, promoting community charity and grassroots governance, and collaborating for rural development.

Key outcomes from the forum include: research reports reflecting on the actions facing COVID-19 pandemic, guidelines for effective fundraising, and reports on legal risks associated with donor rights protection.