200 New Social Affairs Positions Will be Created in Beijing

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北京市200新型社工全市上岗, Beijing Youth Daily (北京青年报), September 29, 2012

The Beijing Social Affairs Committee (SAC), which is a recently established organization under the Communist Party responsible for “social construction” and “innovative social management”, has announced an interesting new initiative. It will utilize a “social construction special fund” to fund management positions in social organizations. The idea is to build a team of “new-type” social affairs workers responsible for managing social organizations. These workers would be different than the traditional social workers that generally work in the social services sector. While the SAC is providing funding for the positions, the actual hiring is being carried out by the Beijing Red Cross.

The SAC’s idea seems to be to strengthen the stability and capacity of social organizations, particularly those that rely heavily on volunteers and lack full-time management personnel, by funding management positions within these organizations. Skeptics, however, might wonder if this initiative is also a way for the Beijing authorities to better “manage” or “supervise” these organizations. In fact, the article mentions that these “management positions” include administrators and assistants for party groups within these social organizations. To be eligible, the social organizations must also be under the supervision of Beijing’s 16 “hub” organizations (shuniu zuzhi) such as the Communist Youth League and Women’s Federation.

For the full article in Chinese, see http://cdb.org.cn/newsview.php?id=6081.

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