10,000 “agricultural talents for Africa” to receive training in China

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  • 10,000 “agricultural talents for Africa” to receive training in China

Han Changfu, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, has announced that China will deepen agricultural cooperation with Africa by holding various training courses in China over the next three years to train 10,000 talents from Africa.

Speaking a few days ago at the Forum on China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation in Sanya, the minister explained that China regards improving Africa’s comprehensive food production capacity as a key area of agricultural cooperation. Furthermore, China will support Africa to achieve basic food security by 2030, and help African countries explore poverty reduction paths that are in line with their own national conditions.

Han Changfu stated that his Ministry intends to coordinate with the agricultural strategic planning of African countries. Next year, it will work with the African Union to prepare the “China-Africa Agricultural Modernisation Cooperation Plan” and an action plan, and determine the direction and key tasks of agricultural cooperation in the future.

The two sides will set up a China-Africa Union Agricultural Committee to hold a Forum on China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation on a regular basis. China will also support the upgrading of qualified agricultural technology demonstration centres for Africa, promote the establishment of green agricultural technology laboratory, and promote docking and mutual recognition of production standards for fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural machinery. Finally, China will continue to send senior agricultural technology experts and vocational teachers to expand the scale of training for Africa.