Tencent launches China’s first Internet philanthropy day

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Tencent Charity(腾讯公益), together with dozens of renowned businesses, public welfare organizations, celebrities, launched China’s first Internet philanthropy day – 9.9 Philanthropy Day (99公益日) – with an aim to bring charities closer to China’s millions of internet users. The theme for this year is “Love Together” (一起爱). Cooperating with partners mentioned above, Tencent Charity is determined to make full use of its platform and products to connect those who need help and those who are willing to help. Not only could Netizens use social networks like Wechat, Mobile QQ to contribute, they can also join offline charity activities. Tencent claims that this special day could be an valuable opportunity to explore more possibilities in connecting the Internet with Charities. 

Tencent Charity Foundation has also made a promise to donate the equivalent amount of all the money raised on its online platform(www.gongyi.qq.com) from Sep. 7 to Sep. 9 with a single-project limitation of 9.9 million yuan and an one-day limitation of 33.3 million yuan. Up to now, the platform has raised over 100 million yuan.